As you may know Playstation Network went down on Thursday, April 20th. The next day Sony said it was for maintenance. On Saturday, Sony said that Playstation Network has been hacked by anonymous. As of now the FBI have arrested 5 people who are suspected to have hacked into the mainframe of Playstation Network. This is all the info they gave me, if we get any further information I will be sure to inform you. 

UPDATE: Sony sent e-mails to all the PSN users informing them that there has been a hacker who might have gotten a hold of your personal information.

UPDATE: A source says that PSN will be back on June 1st. The same day The Call Of Duty map packs come out for the PS3.  

UPDATE: When PSN has come back up, all users will receive 30 days of PlayStation Plus, and free content from the PS Store. 

Final UPDATE: The Playstation Network is back online and ready for all gamers to play.


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